Manuka Health New Zealand was founded in 2006 by CEO Kerry Paul, who from his living room began a labour of love that less than 10 years later has grown into a global business with a distribution network spanning 45 countries.  

Based in Kerry’s hometown of Te Awamutu, New Zealand, Manuka Health is now a major employer in the region, and one of the largest global manuka honey companies. 

Manuka Health’s commitment from the very beginning has been to provide premium natural products that combine the very best of nature and science.  Utilising natural bioactive ingredients unique to New Zealand, we produce a wide range of premium products including  BIO New Zealand Propolis™Royal JellyBee Pollenmanuka honey skin care, oral care  and  medical wound care.

The marriage of nature and science is the foundation of Manuka Health. 

From beekeeping through to production we use methods proven to preserve the bioactivity and potency of the natural ingredients, and apply scientifically validated testing to guarantee the quality of our products. Our scientific research partnerships aid ongoing innovation as we continue to break new ground in providing trusted, effective natural health products to our customers.

Manuka Health was the first company in the world to establish a precise, robust, scientific certification system for New Zealand Manuka Honey based on the concentration of the naturally occuring compound, methylglyoxal. This certification system is the result of research carried out at the Institute of Food Chemistry at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany led by Professor Thomas Henle.

Professor Henle and his team were the first to document that methylglyoxal contributes to the unique characteristics of manuka honey (which sets it apart from other honeys). Prior to this discovery, the term ‘unique manuka factor’ was used to denote the special activity unique to manuka honey.

This research now provides a clearer measurement for a key compound in manuka honey, and methylglyoxal testing has become a recognised standard for laboratories and producers of manuka honey.

Comvita was founded in Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty in 1974 by two beekeepers, who set out to connect people to nature for the benefits of good health.

More than 40 years later, Comvita’s founding principles still guide the company; preserve the purity of source, share knowledge, replant and replenish. Still operating out of Paengaroa, Comvita exports its health care products to more than 18 countries worldwide.

The company pioneered the development and use of medical grade Manuka honey, a reflection of its commitment to developing innovative products, backed by credible research. Comvita sources bee products through local, independent suppliers and its own North Island hives.

Ecrotek is the largest beekeeping supplies company in New Zealand. We were formed in April 2015 as a result of the merger of 100-year old Ecroyd Beekeeping Supplies (Christchurch) and Beetek (the largest manufacturer of plastic hiveware, based in Auckland).

Our aim is to provide a single source of supply for our customers, hence our tagline “One Source for Beekeepers”.  Regardless of which island our customers reside in, we can supply and keep freight costs down.

With 30 years of experience sitting in the head of Stuart Ecroyd, we manufacture or source only the highest quality product, as we believe quality will perform and last the distance.  Most of our plastic and woodware products are manufactured in New Zealand, while we source other products from quality manufacturers from Italy, Canada, USA, Taiwan and Korea.

 In November 2015, Ecrotek acquired the Hive Doctor business, bringing into its product portfolio a number of excellent products such as the Vented Plastic Bottom Board and Smart Nuc box.

 We have recently added to our product portfolio a range of bee health products such as Apifeed and Agrisea, plus we now supply sugar in crystal or liquid form.

Ecrotek’s operation is manned by a team of 25 across its North and South Island locations.   Our customers can place orders via phone, email, direct through the webstore at, or pop into our store in Christchurch or Auckland.

 We look forward to working with you in 2016!

100% Pure New Zealand Honey is a company focused on delivering customers the simple pleasures in life – pure, authentic, naturally occurring food and distinctive flavours.

Local, privately-owned and independent, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey has been supplying genuine UMF® Manuka, Clover and NZ floral honeys to a wide range of countries for 20 years.

We are committed to sourcing and delivering the highest quality products and building enduring relationships with our customers around the globe. Our focus is supporting them to deliver world-class products to market.

Supplier relationships are equally critical and we work with a group of passionate, independent beekeepers who are the best in the industry. Our honey is sourced from all parts of the country, providing us with exceptional quality and variety.

Being a focused honey packer and exporter, as opposed to a beekeeping operation, we are completely supportive of our supply community. We want to work with them to provide good returns and consistent growth for the future. Importantly we are not a risk to their business in terms of competition for hive sites or replacing their volume with our own honey.

100% Pure New Zealand Honey has also been a passionate contributor to industry development over the past 20 years with direct involvement in governance, unification and sponsoring events. We see this as an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing wellbeing of our industry.

If you are interested in working with an established, independent and industry-focused company, please give us a call on (03) 688 7150 or visit us at

Since 1987 we have provided $65 million of funding that has encouraged innovative ideas, fostered research capability and developed emerging leaders in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors of New Zealand. This year AGMARDT plans to invest 3.6 million into developing world-class capacity and capability within the agribusiness sector.

AGMARDT is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a proven track record of making targeted investments that aim to make a positive contribution to the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

AGMARDT was established by the Government in 1987 with funds of $32 million from the wind-up of the British, Christmas Island and New Zealand Phosphate Commissions. Since that time, the organisation’s funds have steadily grown to around $80 million.

AGMARDT has three strategic priorities; enabling agribusiness to integrate with customers in the marketplace, encourage and support innovative solutions in agribusiness value chains and supporting future leaders and governance programmes for agribusiness

Hill Laboratories was founded in the Waikato in 1984 by Dr Roger Hill to provide analytical testing services to New Zealand’s agricultural industry. The company has grown to become New Zealand’s largest privately owned & operated analytical testing laboratory.

Hill Laboratories has a long association with the honey industry and offer an extensive range of tests for honey and bee products. Using the very latest technology our honey testing is IANZ accredited and backed up by our knowledgeable and friendly Client Service Managers.

Hill Laboratories are proud to support the apiculture industry and to be a sponsor of the 2016 Apiculture Conference.

It’s all about the bees and the beekeepers!  Without them there is no apiculture industry, so Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies are here to help the people who help the bees.

What do we offer that maybe others don’t?  The largest range of equipment, supplies, after-sales-service and advice.  We are run by people who keep bees, so we understand many of the issues, difficulties and problems beekeepers face on a day-to-day basis.  We constantly look for products and ways of doing things that will make the life of beekeepers easier, more effective, and more profitable.  And we listen to our customers because we’re not perfect, but we always want to improve. 

As an organisation, and as individuals in the organisation, we ultimately want to be a blessing to those people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

Brewing quality products for over 20 year Agrisea NZ is a multi-award winning sustainable New Zealand Family company, family owned and operated.

The specialised New Zealand native seaweed species (Ecklonia radiata) is batch-brewed with specially selected essential herbs for up to 90 days to make our Bee Nutrition tonic. The natural brewing process eliminates the use of processing with heat, chemicals, freezing or dehydration that might ‘denature’ the sensitive nutrient balance, allowing the  micro-nutrients to be released in an active form for overall Bee health.

Feature benefits include: Convenient and cost effective, Organic source of minerals, vitamins & essential Amino acids for Bee health in a naturally balanced and available form, Improved Hive Health, Improved Population, Improved Production and Essential Trace elements. Recommended dose rates are 20ml per litre – added to sugar syrup.

Available from:  Ecrotek, Agrisea & Ceracell or Call 0800 SEAWEED for more details. 

Aon New Zealand is the leading provider of insurance broking, risk management and associated services both in New Zealand and globally.

Through access to New Zealand’s largest and most trusted insurers, Aon designs and places insurance for individuals, small and medium businesses, corporate business and rural.

Our experienced brokers pride themselves on understanding their client’s needs to provide an extensive range of brokering and financial services at a local, regional, national and global level.

We continually invest in our professional talent, technology and the development of specialised products to serve our clients in all major industry groups.

The Pharmapac PET Honey jar range now comprises of 19 different products across 4 different ranges. Pharmapac is a New Zealand owned company with more than 35 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and producing plastic packaging solutions for not only local, but an ever growing list of international clients.

Pharmapac specialises in producing exceptional packaging products, but it is our service that keeps our long standing clients loyal. We are a business built on relationships and we strive to get to know your business as well as we can to enable us to provide the best solutions & service possible.

It is this approach that has lead us to produce the most comprehensive range of PET honey packaging available in either New Zealand or Australia. Please drop by stand 3 to check out the range and say hi.

At Label and Litho we love labels and we know that our passion for labels shines through in the quality of the awesome labels that we produce!  We are 100% NZ owned, we have world class printing presses (both conventional flexo and digital – which means that whatever the quantity, whatever the look, we have the best equipment for the job) and state of the art finishing lines.  Our finishing lines give us the ability to add the latest and the very greatest embellishments to the labels that we produce – hi build, foils, normal embosses, sculptured embosses, textures and more.

Along with our commitment to producing awesome labels we have a commitment to environmental sustainability and in 2008 became the first label printers in NZ to achieve Enviro-mark Gold.  And to keep us true to our environmental commits an external auditor audits us every year.

We see our labels on shelves everywhere and this makes us proud.

MegaBee is a perfectly balanced, high protein honeybee nutritional supplement scientifically designed to improve bee health and increase overall life expectancy. This best part is…it actually works!

Originally developed in 2001 by nutrition specialist Dr. Gordon Wardell, MegaBee has been shown in multiple independent university and government research studies to triple brood production, stimulate royal jelly production, and increase the individual bee lifespan by as much as 20%.

What’s our secret? We fused our strong foundation of cutting edge research and our dedication to only using the highest quality ingredients the world has to offer. The result is an all-in-one feed with zero guess work. We’ve added all 10 essential amino acids bees need, pH balanced the product to support a healthy gut, and made sure bees love the taste.

Needless to say, we can get hives to do better than just survive, we can get them to thrive.

Exclusively distributed in New Zealand by: NZ Beeswax Ltd,, 03 693 9189

Forbes Packaging is proudly New Zealand owned, based on the North Shore in Auckland. We have specialised in custom designed solid fibre cardboard packaging for over 50 years, and currently have a staff of 70 people.

Forbes offer a complete in house service, covering sample design & construction, Pre-Press (CTP), Printing, Foiling, Embossing, Die-cutting and Gluing. We have expert knowledge covering all areas throughout the company.

We are deeply passionate about creating functional, innovative and sustainable packaging for all areas that require a high quality packaging finish.

We are proud to be Silver Sponsors of the Apiculture Industry.

Please see our website for further details on how we can help your business,

New Zealand Beeswax Ltd – much more than just a beeswax company.

Coming from commercial beekeeping roots back in 1987, we take pride in developing and sourcing quality products which perform and add value to your commercial beekeeping operation. Science and proven benefits are important to us in anything that we offer to our customers. We only offer products that we believe in and would use ourselves. Some of our flagship products are, Beeswax Comb Foundation – NZ’s leading manufacturer, Alliance Beekeepers Woodware – quality Woodware made from NZ Radiata Pine, Total Frames – Absolutely no preparation necessary and welcomed by the bees! Apivar – reliable, highly effective and safe to use, MegaBee – the leading science based bee protein feed and HiveAlive – science based feed supplement used by some of the most progressive and successful beekeeping operations in NZ.

Contact us to experience our exceptional customer service and communication. w: e:     

HD Process specialise in providing a comprehensive range of honey processing equipment to best suit your processing requirements. Our knowledge and experience covers many aspects of the process, including; pumping, extraction, separation, filtering and heat exchange. Our range of equipment is selected from leading European manufacturers, which along with our own locally designed products, are tailored to meet New Zealand conditions. So whether you are involved in extracting or packing honey you can rely on our solutions to meet the challenges faced.

Please call onto our stand to discuss the variety of process options we can provide – we are confident we can assist.

Tunnicliffe Timber Company Limited specialises in manufacturing Beehive Boxes carrying the biggest range available in New Zealand.

Working with our customers since 2002 we found that there is more to a box than you would think and developed a wide range of options to suit today’s professional beekeeping operations. Our starting point is always New Zealand grown Radiata pine. Our options range from traditional Kiln Dried Untreated and bee-friendly Tanalised® Ecowood™ chemically treated boxes to thermally modified, chemical free ThermoWood® boxes.

Also available are beehive floors, top-feeder rims and nucleus boxes. We cater for the New Zealand and Australian markets. Alongside our aim to give the beekeeper options we always strive for a better product. We keep stock of all our standard products and specialise in custom work to your specification.

We are sponsoring the NZ Apiculture Industry Conference in association with Lonza the suppliers of bee friendly Tanalised® Ecowood™ timber preservative and Timbalink Ltd. who are treating our boxes with this product.

Keeping it local: Our reputation is built on a long history of serving New Zealanders, providing superior service and results that are noticed. We know what it means to be in business, and we’re all about making it as simple as we can for you. You know your products, and we know how to make them memorable.  We’ll help you to stand out. Since 1976 we have been creating labelling solutions for clients throughout New Zealand.  Based in Christchurch, we are perfectly positioned to work directly within the Honey Industry who are ubiquitous in this great country of ours.

Making your Mark: It’s a busy market place out there.  Eye-catching, appealing labels differentiate your product from the others and provide that mark of quality. Using state-of-the-art technology which guarantees the highest production standards, we work with our clients to create striking, elegant labels. With second to none printing capabilities from both our flexo and our boutique digital labelling system lends you the edge, gaining your premium products the attention they deserve.

Peter Boutelje arrived in New Zealand from South Africa over twenty years ago.  He has been a beekeeper since boyhood and achieved an engineering degree in Industrial Engineering. Boutelje Products Ltd was established in 2005 and Peter put his passion for bees and designing into manufacturing honey processing equipment.

Today we have a wide range of products which we manufacture in our Auckland factory to suit the smallest and the largest honey houses in New Zealand.  We also export to Europe, Australia and North America. We also offer a consultancy design service to assist in planning your honey house layout.  Being a beekeeper in a previous life, Peter is well aware of what a beekeeper may require to have a productive and cost effective honey house. We also service our machines, and encourage beekeepers to establish a regular maintenance programme to keep their equipment working at optimum levels.

ALLIANCE Quality Beekeeper’s Woodware is made from New Zealand grown premium grade lumber, with the latest in woodworking technology. Proven over four generations, Alliance has produced a quality that is setting standards in the beekeeping industry.

  • Storeys – Full Depth, 3/4, 1/2 & Jumbo in Premium, Standard or Budget grades
  • Frames – Hoffman Full Depth, 3/4, 1/2 & Jumbo with 33mm, 35mm or grooved end bars; or Manley 3/4 Depth
  • Bottom Boards with runners and risers
  • Nuc Boxes, Hivemat / Division Board Frames, Excluder Frames and Top Feeders

Proudly distributed by: New Zealand Beeswax Ltd,

Everything from a to bee, visy can provide total solutions to New Zealand’s honey manufacturers with more than just the jar. We can create a complete, efficient, cost effective, end to end supply chain.

Plastic, jars, bottles and tubes: Alongside our extensive stock range for jars and squeezable bottles we also have tubs and can custom design your primary pack to your needs.

Closures: We can meet the market and safety requirements you need for closures. With options including wadding, inductions sealing and tamper evident bands.

Labeling: We supply a range of labeling options and print technologies that will make your pack stand out on shelf. We are also able to do In Mould Labelling (IML) on specific items. 

Secondary packaging: Keep your product safe and protected through the supply chain with our huge range of secondary packaging options through our Visy Fibre and Charta division. We can help whether you are transporting your product around the corner or around the world.

Automation: Our Automation team specialises in the engineering and integration of robotic handling and packaging equipment solutions. This helps to increase productivity, profitability and safety.

Visy has two distributors for the Honey Jar range in New Zealand:

COMAG AGENCIES: A New Zealand company specializing in the development and distribution of plastic packaging used in many sectors such as food and beverage, household and commercial gardening and agriculture, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Since the company foundation in 1975, Comag Agencies has been constantly evolving and changing into the company it is today. It has the ability to supply a standard range of stock products from the warehouse or manufacture to order at the customer’s request from our own moulds.

CROFTPAK: Croftpak: Service, Quality and Customer relationships are our priority.

Hunter Filling Systems have been designing and manufacturing liquid filling machines for over 50 years. You will find our equipment filling liquid and creamed honey for small boutique factories right through to the large well known honey brands. Expertly crafted by the leading minds in filling technology, Hunter Filling Systems bring you the perfect blend of precision, speed and versatility. From concept to installation and beyond, Hunter Filling Systems team of in-house engineers and technical specialists becomes your personal filling think tank; a continuing resource for optimising performance and productivity over the life of your equipment.

Our range of filling machines come in a variety of sizes: from table top machines to heavy-duty equipment designed for high-speed, high-cycle rate dispensing.  Our liquid filling machines feature various nozzle configurations to match specific production requirements. We support our clients with technical expertise and replacement parts efficiently with minimal downtime to your production.

Excellence Means CAL>ISUZU

From the heavyweights of the New Zealand transport industry right through to owner drivers, when folk are looking to extend their fleet with new or used trucks, purpose built to their specific needs, the team at CAL>ISUZU are one of the first to receive a call.  

CAL>ISUZU have well established sales, service and parts departments operating at all three of their Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga sites and an additional large scale, high-tech engineering facility based at Hamilton, which feeds into their entire upper North Island operation.  When you purchase a truck from CAL>ISUZU you can have the truck ordered, financed, painted and kitted out with their new body and electrical fittings, all in a single seamless, easy and cost efficient process. 

From their Authorised service outlets in the far reaches of Northland right down into the depths of South Waikato and out to the Western Bay of Plenty, this integrated approach ensures that when the customers truck leaves the workshop, they hit the road ready to work.

Analytica Laboratories is the leading provider of testing to the NZ honey industry – from the hobby beekeeper to major processing companies.  Analytica is a game changer in testing, bringing about huge improvements in the speed and cost of testing since it started offering honey testing services in 2014.  Because we understand and care about the success of your business, you can be confident you will receive friendly and helpful service along with test results you can trust.  Visit us in the trade display area to talk about what we already do for you, and changes coming in the future.  And enjoy the insightful presentations and posters our team are contributing to conference this year.

With over 20 years in the commercial vehicle business sector and a reputation for expert advice, fair pricing and top quality service, it’s no wonder Keith Andrews Trucks is one of the largest most professional and highly respected truck dealers in New Zealand.

Keith Andrews Trucks leads the way as #1 dealer for FUSO in 2015

Keith Andrews Trucks supplies and services a range of trucks and commercial vehicles from our commercial vehicle dealerships in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato. With new and used vehicles, parts and services onsite in these four locations we have the top half of the North Island covered, providing a seamless network of experienced professionals to trucking companies and commercial vehicle operators from Cape Reinga through the Bay of Plenty and Waikato as far south as Taupo.

Apex is celebrating its 40th year in business and continues to be New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacturer of a range of labelling systems with particular emphasis on its unique approach to honey containers.

With our vast knowledge in the field of labelling we are also able to advise on label material, shape, graphics,  adhesives and many more facets of this subject to enable our customers to get the best result for their products.

Apex will be demonstrating the new addition to its labelling systems that can apply a R.F.I.D style tag to a body label prior to it being applied to the honey container. This will give customers the option of being able to fit unique codes/details of their products to the containers as well as being able to act as a security/tamper evident aspect.

Please do come and see us on stand 58 at the Apiculture Conference.

At Thermaflo we specialise in the design, stainless steel fabrication, automation, installation and commissioning of liquid food process systems with our major clients being in the honey, dairy, juice and other liquid food processing businesses.

While most of our work is in the design and supply of complete plants, we also supply one off items such as  heat treatment systems, crystallisation tanks, fillers, coolers, etc. Our main markets include Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Basin and Asia.

We have within our team many years of practical experience that is available to you. Along with overall project delivery we also offer consultancy services, process flow path drawings, site drawings and technical information to assist you through all stages of your project.

With over 20+ years of experience in the liquid food industry we have successfully completed projects for clients such as Wildcape Honey, Fonterra, Nestle, Sanitarium, Unilever and Tally’s to name a few.

Amseal Closure Systems. Preserving honey’s integrity.

Amseal understands that high value honey product demands a seal to preserve the quality and value of the product. By using Selig Induction Seal materials and Enercon Sealing equipment, honey businesses can rest assured that their product will reach the end-customer in exactly the same state as packed. Like many technologies, sealing technology has progressed significantly in recent times. However, some seals used in the marketplace today, do not effectively guarantee product will arrive in pristine condition to the very discriminating honey customer.

Amseal provides sealing solutions that matches their expectation, preserving both the product, and brand integrity.

Selig’s Lift ‘n’ Peel™ is the number one consumer preferred induction liner. Each Selig manufacturing location has ISO 9001:2008 certification, as well as certifications from the BRC (British Retail Consortium) for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and US-FDA registration.

Enercon induction sealers are known for their reliability and ease of use.